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Three storied Stone pagoda in Gameunsa Temple site

Gameunsaji (Gameunsa Temple Site) was built by King Munmu (AD 661-681), the king of Silla who unified Baekjae and Goguryeo late in the 7th century. Except for the 13.4 high two pagodas, all the buildings were burned to the ground. King Munmu built this temple to drive away the Japanese pirates from the country with the power of Buddha. Unfortunately, he passed away before the completion of the the temple, and asked to burry him at the East Sea, which is 500m far from the temple. Being a sacred dragon of the East Sea, he wanted to protect the county after his death. Therefore he was burried at sea near the temple. His son King Sinmun (AD 681-692) completed the temple and named it Gameunsa Temple, which implies appreciating paternal love.

The Three-story Stone Pagodas
The east and the west pagodas of Gameunsaji (Gameunsa Temple Site) are structurally identical and are designated as National Treasuer No. 112. These stone pagodas were made during the early years of the Unified Silla Kingdom. The two 13.4 high pagodas are the highest three-story stone pagodas of the Silla Era and are known for its symmetry.
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